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Utah residents can get vaccine, not buy it, even if they’ve been vaccinated

8 news 9 news Utah residents who’ve been inoculated can get the next dose of the virus-fighting vaccine for free, a state health official said Tuesday.

The move was the latest sign that Utahans who’ve gotten the first dose of a vaccine for coronavirus have been successful in protecting their communities against the virus.

The governor said that the governor is in regular contact with health officials in the state about the situation and will meet with representatives from the CDC on Wednesday to discuss the new strategy.

“I will continue to work closely with our state health officials to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to protect the state from this pandemic,” Gov.

Gary Herbert said in a statement.

Herbert said that Utah residents are not eligible for the next vaccine.

The first dose, which is meant for people 65 and older, costs $50 and will cost $100 for people younger than 65.

Utah has been the only state that hasn’t been hit with a coronaviruses pandemic.

The state has a high rate of people over 65 who haven’t received the second dose of vaccine and some other factors have allowed the virus to linger in Utah.

The federal government is working to get the second vaccine into Utah.

Utah is one of the few states where the government doesn’t require residents to get an exemption to get one of three types of the vaccine.

If you have been vaccinated but have been unable to get it, you can get a free vaccine if you have an exemption.

People who don’t have an exemptions are exempt from getting the second and third doses of the two vaccines.

Utah Health said the move is consistent with Gov.

Herbert’s goal of getting people vaccinated as soon as possible.

The new vaccine is designed to protect people who have been previously vaccinated against coronavirosts, a virus that is not as contagious as the first three coronavirets that have been found.

People can also get a second dose if they haven’t been vaccinated against the coronavillar strains previously found in Utah, according to a press release.

The announcement comes amid rising concern in Utah about coronaviral transmission.

On Tuesday, the governor said the state’s top health official is in contact with Utah health officials about the virus and has spoken with Utah lawmakers about the need for a new vaccine.

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