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WNBA Finals: KDKA’s KDDA’s Kaitlyn Rinaldi takes on Baylor’s Briana Marie on ESPN’s “Inside the NBA”

WNBA Finals: KDKA’s KDDA’s Kaitlyn Rinaldi takes on Baylor’s Briana Marie on ESPN’s “Inside the NBA”

KDJA’s Kailah Reeves-Perry will take on Baylor women’s basketball player Briana Maria on “Inside The NBA” on Sunday at 7 p.m.


The ESPN show will air exclusively on ESPN2, and will be streamed exclusively on the ESPN app.

“I’ve been a fan of Briana for a long time,” Reeves-Paery said.

“I have a lot of great friends who are fans.

It’s going to be fun to watch the game and get to meet her and the other players.”

Reeves-Paary is one of three former NBA players with ties to Baylor.

The other two are forward Jaden Schwartz and guard Jadon Stark.

She is also a former Baylor teammate and was a two-time All-American in high school.

The show also will feature an interview with former Baylor players J.J. Barea, Brittney Griner and Lauren Williams, who played at the school for two seasons.

The show also features interviews with former Bears, current and former players, current coaches, coaches-athletes and former athletes.

In the interview, Reeves-Payrey said she would love to be back at Baylor, and said she wants to be a part of the future.

“You never want to leave a legacy that has nothing to do with the basketball program,” Reeves Payrey said.

“There are so many different opportunities for me, whether it’s on the court or off the court, that I want to be part of, and I’m excited to be on the Inside the NBA.”

The “Inside” series features Inside the ESPN family of personalities, which also includes “Inside Basketball,” “Inside College Basketball,” and “Inside Major League Baseball.”

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