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Donald Trump impeached by Congress: Sources cite multiple witnesses and ‘fraudulent accounting’

Donald Trump impeached by Congress: Sources cite multiple witnesses and ‘fraudulent accounting’

CNN President Jeff Zucker, who has been critical of Trump for years, has taken the unprecedented step of naming several witnesses to Trump’s impeachment.

Trump, for his part, has maintained that he did not commit any impeachable offense and will remain president.

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin tweeted the announcement, writing, “This was the best way to move forward with a serious investigation into President Trump’s impeachable conduct.”

Toobin also tweeted a photo of former Trump aide Michael Caputo, who said he met with Trump at a hotel in the 1980s.

Caputo told CNN he has been asked by the House Ethics Committee to be part of the investigation into Trump.

CNN President &mike caputo, formerly @mike_caputo, told me to join.

He said he’s been told by the ethics committee he’s an essential part of their probe.

— Jeffrey Toonobin (@jeffreytoonobin) June 16, 2021 Caputo said he told the House Judiciary Committee about Trump’s meetings with him in 1980, but that he didn’t disclose the meeting to the White House.

The meeting was at the Hilton Midtown, he said, and the president asked him to join him in the lobby.

Caputino told CNN the meeting lasted about 15 minutes.

CNN legal analyst Jay Sekulow said the decision to appoint Caputo as a witness comes as a result of the growing number of people who have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Trump.

Sekulows tweet included a photo from a New York City bar, in which Trump and Caputo are seen drinking, Caputo in his New York Yankees cap, and Trump wearing a hat with Caputo’s face on it.

Caputi told CNN that he was not aware that Trump was the president of the United States when he was invited to the meeting.

“It’s not my place to judge what the president thinks,” Caputo explained.

Sekuliow tweeted, “That photo of Caputo was taken at a Trump hotel in 1980.

The president and the VP were not in the room at the time.

Caputtino said he didn: “I was invited, and that’s all.”

Caputo added that he met Trump on more than one occasion during his life and said he had never been a target of sexual misconduct.

He also said that he doesn’t think the allegations against Trump are accurate, but he said they are still a problem in the Trump administration.

Caputa told CNN they are part of a long history of accusations against Trump, which have led to the president being ousted from office and to the impeachment of former President Barack Obama.

The New York Times first reported the impeachment process.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper told CNN’s Jake Tarlov that the White Houses decision to name Caputo to be the lead witness is a “good start.”

CNN senior political analyst Mark Halperin tweeted the news, saying it will be interesting to see how the process plays out, and if the witnesses will be the same people Trump used to attack.

CapUTORI told me he was in New York when Trump asked him if he was a president, and he thought it was a great opportunity to talk about his experiences as a presidential candidate and president.

He went to the lobby, where Caputo and I sat and talked for 15 minutes, and said to him, “I’m just glad you came.

You’re an extraordinary man.

“The Times reported that Caputo would be expected to tell the House Committee the witnesses who are expected to testify before it.

He will likely be joined by several witnesses from the Trump campaign and his administration, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former White House strategist Stephen Miller and senior adviser Michael Caputakis.

Capituto also will be joined in the impeachment investigation by his daughter, Lauren Capututo, according to CNN.

“My experience with him has been very good.””

I thought it would be helpful to tell my side of the story and my side and my history,” he said.

“My experience with him has been very good.”

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