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Philadelphians to vote for their new mayor this November

Philadelphians to vote for their new mayor this November

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov. 5, 2021.

A new mayor of Philadelphia is set to take office on November 6, 2021, after winning the Democratic primary.

In the Democratic race for mayor, Philadelpha Mayor John Farley has received the endorsement of a majority of voters, and is expected to easily beat incumbent Joe Lhota in the November election.

Farley is an independent, a Democrat, and has been the target of some negative headlines, such as an attack on his mother.

He is a former prosecutor who served as a police officer in New York City, and the son of an attorney.

He was elected in the Democratic Primary in 2018, and had previously served as an elected official.

While many voters in Philadelphia and the state have long been critical of Lhotias actions, the new mayor has been able to win their support by saying some very negative things about him.

He has also called for an investigation into his mother’s death and has promised to make Philadelphia safer, which has led to a growing list of residents voicing their concerns.

While it is difficult to predict what will happen in the next few months, this election has given Farley the opportunity to make his case to voters and to raise money for his campaign.

Farleys campaign has said that the primary was a success and that the campaign will be focused on getting the job done for the people of Philadelphia and for the city of Philadelphia as a whole.

“We need a Mayor who can work with all citizens to get our city back on track,” said Farley campaign manager Matt Barlow.

“The people of Philly want to make sure that we have a city that is safe and has a vibrant economy and has good schools, and we want a Mayor that can make that happen.

We are proud to be the first to announce that our candidate has received their endorsement.”

In a statement released to The Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday, Lhotta said he was thrilled to be endorsed by Farley.

“I am honored to have been endorsed by the City of Philadelphia, and am confident that John Farleys commitment to Philadelphia and to the people we serve will carry us to victory in November,” he said.

“Lhota has been a champion for Philadelphia’s struggling residents, and I am proud to have a friend and colleague in City Council President Darrell Clarke.”

Lhotas campaign is running a $20,000 television ad against Farley and has also begun circulating petitions for donations to help his campaign, including one for $25,000.

He had been polling around the 15 percent mark in recent polls.

As of Thursday evening, the petition drive had garnered more than 2,000 signatures.

“With more than 1,000 petitions now out there, the time is now to get the word out to your neighbors and to make your voices heard,” said the campaign’s co-founder, Ben Bensinger.

“This campaign will have a major impact on how our city can be better.”

The petition drive has garnered more support than Farley’s campaign has in Philadelphia, which had not run an ad until after his campaign was launched.

Farly said the goal of the campaign is to raise as much money as possible so he can get his campaign on the airwaves and to get his message out.

“Every dollar raised will help make sure our message is heard in a positive way and make Philadelphia a better place to live, work, play, and visit,” Farley said.

The Philadelphia Daily News has more on the campaign.

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