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DC’s Eerie News Now: DC’s Morning Rush – The Morning Rush with Eerie Magazine

DC’s Eerie News Now: DC’s Morning Rush – The Morning Rush with Eerie Magazine

Eerie has been around for quite some time and is a staple of the DC sports world.

The brand was started in 1998 and has expanded to include publications like The Insider and the DC Insider. 

The company’s editorial staff is led by longtime editorial director Eerie’s founder and executive editor, James F. Huggins. 

Eerie Magazine has a long history in the DC area and has produced several issues of the popular newsmagazine.

The most recent issue is now available for pre-order. 

 Today’s episode features Eerie founder James Huggons interview with DC Sports Insider, a series that focuses on the sport of professional football and features news, analysis, and video. 

This episode was produced by DC Sports and Eiemagazine.com. 

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