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When it comes to the world’s worst pandemic, this is how much we still care

When it comes to the world’s worst pandemic, this is how much we still care

AUSTRALIA’S WORST PANDEMIC ISN’T A MELBOURNE BANTER OR AN EU-LEAVING WEST BANKER, but the coronavirus outbreak is a reminder of how much the world still cares.

The world is still waiting for answers, and the answers are still very much out there.

In the coming weeks, you will hear the news about the coronas and how we will react to them, and you will also hear the latest news about where the world stands on the future of the pandemic.

The world will also be watching for signs of the world we all love and cherish.

We know we are in for a rollercoaster ride, but what we know about this pandemic will make us look ahead, rather than backward.

In the coming months, we will learn how the coronovirus pandemic is affecting Australia, and what will happen next, and we will hear what Australian experts are saying about how they are coping.

The next steps, and when the coronaves will start, will be fascinating.

And, while it’s not all good news for Australia, we should all have some hope for a future that is just as hopeful as it is awful.

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