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KSN 12: The Story Behind the Latest News, News and TV Coverage from Hawaii

KSN 12: The Story Behind the Latest News, News and TV Coverage from Hawaii

A lot of the stories from the week in Hawaii can be summed up in one word: hype.

On Monday, the Hawaii Times ran a story about a local TV station doing an investigation on a former mayor’s alleged corruption and fraud.

A local TV affiliate in Honolulu also reported that local TV stations in the Honolulu area were “buying up” local news.

On Wednesday, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that a local television station was buying up news from local news stations in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Times reported that Honolulu TV stations were “filling” local TV news with information that was “fantastically inaccurate and made the news look like crap.”

That same week, the KSN12 News Channel ran a report that Hawaii has one of the highest levels of air pollution in the country, with one in five adults in Hawaii reporting having to inhale polluted air.

In the same week that KSN’s report on Hawaii air pollution aired, the station ran an interview with a local businessman who said he’s going to “open his eyes” and “start looking for something else.”

At the time, KSN reported that “a number of local business owners” were taking action.

“We’re just going to start looking for the next big thing,” the businessman said, according to KSN.

“This is what we’re doing.”

A week later, Hawaii TV stations ran stories about how a local business owner was running a “business plan” to “exploit the economy to generate revenue.”

In addition, a Honolulu TV station reported that in December, Honolulu had recorded the highest number of “deaths from preventable causes” in the nation, surpassing New York City.

KSN reported on Tuesday that a recent study found that Honolulu was “among the worst-performing cities in the United States.”

It also reported a recent survey of residents in Honolulu that showed the majority of residents were unhappy with the city’s recent development.

According to the Honolulu Advertiser, “there were more complaints of traffic than the city has seen in at least three years.”

KCBS reported on Wednesday that a “major hotel developer” was considering relocating to Honolulu if the city does not provide “better safety measures for its downtown.”

On Thursday, Hawaii’s governor called on the state to take steps to improve its air quality, including the establishment of an air quality monitoring program.

Governor David Ige told KCBS that he was concerned that Honolulu’s “coronavirus epidemic” was leading to the deaths of so many people and businesses in Hawaii, and that he believed the state should take steps “to reduce the number of people who have to live in these cities because of the coronavirus.”

Hawaii’s air pollution woes are a far cry from the days of “a healthy environment” in Hawaii that was touted by President George H.W. Bush.

As KCBS reported, Bush’s administration claimed that Hawaii was the “healthiest state in the union.”

But Hawaii’s air quality problems are far from a “healthy environment” for many Americans, with a recent poll from the Pew Research Center showing that 70 percent of Americans surveyed “think that the environment in Hawaii is too polluted.”

What is your take on Hawaii’s coronaviruses?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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