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When a child is born with a rare disorder, the parents need to pay the bill

When a child is born with a rare disorder, the parents need to pay the bill

The parents of a 6-year-old boy with a condition called Kslt Syndrome have had to pay a bill of more than $50,000 after they learned the child would not survive.

The family is suing the city of Portland, Oregon, and a group of health care providers, accusing them of failing to care for the boy’s condition.

Ksgt Syndrome is a rare condition that causes an abnormally thin, spiky, green-coloured skin covering the entire body.

The family sued the city, and their lawyer, John Klemmer, said they filed the lawsuit after the boy was born.

He said the case is a “classic example of a government failure to pay for care.”

The boy’s father, David Klemming, told reporters that his son was born with KsLT, and his insurance company covered only $6,000 of his medical expenses.

The parents had hoped to pay $50 a month for the child, but when they learned his condition would require more expensive treatment, the insurance company dropped the rate to $4,000 a month, he said.

Kslt syndrome can cause the skin to become thin and discolour, causing pain, and can lead to the skin becoming discoloured.

Doctors and the child’s parents say he had a congenital defect called kslt, and were told the condition was inherited.

They went to a clinic, but were told it was “too expensive,” Klemning said.

Klemmers son was told that his condition was a result of a genetic condition.

His father said he found out he had the condition after he started having symptoms.

When Kslbers parents discovered the child was born without any skin, they thought they had the right to terminate his pregnancy, but he was born prematurely.

“My life was in danger,” he said, “and I could not afford that.

He had a long road ahead of him.”

He was given a diagnosis of kslb, and after more tests, was told the diagnosis was normal.

Since the child had no skin, his parents had to find skin care providers.

After paying for about a month’s worth of treatment, Kslemmer said they discovered that their insurance did not cover any of his childs treatment.

Then Ksl was born, and Kslrs parents received a notice in the mail that their policy had been cancelled, said Klemmings lawyer, Jonathon Hochman.

Hochman said Kslls insurance carrier, Klinen Healthcare, said it could not pay the costs of the childs medical care, including treatment, until the boy lived.

Once the boy got sick, Hochmann said, Klemms insurance carrier told the parents that they were “not responsible” for the cost of their sons medical bills.

In the meantime, Kesl’s parents are facing eviction from their home.

Last week, Hohmann said he filed a lawsuit against Klines insurance carrier and the city.

We are suing to get the city to reimburse the family and get a refund of the medical costs they paid, Hachman said.

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