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How to tell if you have a broken bone in your hand

How to tell if you have a broken bone in your hand

Posted by The Australian Financial Review on Tuesday, February 07, 2021 09:04:38The news: In a rare break with tradition, the ABC News Breakfast team has revealed how to check your hand before you get an MRI.

The result: A fractured hand.

The explanation: The newsreader said he or she had seen people who were unable to grasp the news because they were having trouble seeing their hands in the mirror.

What to know about broken bones in the handThis is a rare case, with one person having a fracture of the third metacarpal bone.

This is the metacapical bone that connects the hand to the wrist.

The newsreader was referring to a case where a person’s right hand was broken during a sporting event, but the other hand was intact.

The ABC understands the person had surgery and a new one inserted.

But this is rare and there are other cases of people who have a fractured hand that didn’t require surgery.

The ABC’s Steve Dickson says there is no need for the public to be concerned about their hand.

“It’s a common misconception that if you’ve had surgery, your hand has broken,” he says.

“People do need to check for a fracture if they think they have broken the metatarsal bones or a metacarpal bone, which connects the two halves of the hand together.”

This article was originally published on The Australian Finance Review.

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