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How to get your kids excited about football games, the news, and the big sports stories of the day

How to get your kids excited about football games, the news, and the big sports stories of the day

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Read moreThe news is bad, but not really news, in that the big, the big story is the Giants losing a lot of games, and they’re in the playoffs, but they’ve still been struggling to win.

And it’s not really a news story.

And that’s kind of the problem, right?

Because it’s sort of a weird story, right, and it’s really hard to get people to care.

The Giants have lost their last six games, but that’s the first time in history that they’ve lost five games in a row, and then they lose five in a week, and that’s just not good.

And so it’s an interesting time for me, because I’m a Giants fan, and I don’t like the team, and, well, it’s hard to be a Giants person, so I’m just kind of like, well.

And I’ll just give you my reasons why.

Because, you know, this is the first year that they have had a true postseason, right.

This is a team that won the World Series a year ago, and this is a young team that is, in a lot the way that they’re built, they’re really, really talented, but the Giants haven’t had a championship.

And they were playing in the World Championship.

And now they’re just really, I think, in the midst of a rebuilding process.

And so they’ve been struggling for a while, and so you’re looking at, you can look at it, and you can go, well that’s probably the worst team that’s ever had a World Series, right now, right there.

And it’s kind to say that I’m not really looking at it as a sports story, but a national story, you’re not really paying attention to it as much as you should.

But I just think it’s weird, and maybe that’s why it’s a weird time for you.

Because I’m in the middle of the Giants season, and if you look at my Twitter feed, I’m tweeting about how excited I am about this season, how excited my family is about it, my friends, and my colleagues.

And then there’s this article that comes out.

And the headline is, “Giants have no championship hopes, but still see it as an important part of rebuilding.”

And it is kind of an interesting way of looking at this team, in terms of the fact that they haven’t won a title in the past seven years, and how much they have changed, and just how they’re trying to figure it out.

I mean, there are a couple of things here, I guess.

One, this article has a headline that is kind the same thing that I’ve seen in a couple other places: “Gians’ fans are still not sold on championship hopes.”

And that was the headline for the Giants winning the World Cup.

So there are still some people who are still unsure of whether they think they’re going to win a championship this year.

And in this article, the writer goes on to say, you need to get a little bit of hope, because if you can’t have a little sense of optimism about this team winning the next World Series or winning a World Championship, you have to get the World Champion.

But the Giants are winning their World Series in record time, and even though they’ve only had one World Series win in their history, they’ve won three in a season.

They’ve won in the postseason, too, winning four of the last five.

So this is like, yeah, the Giants have won five World Series.

They have a lot more wins than they’re losing.

And, you might be thinking, they haven, but it’s still hard to buy into the team.

And if you think about it a little more, maybe you might see a bit of an increase in your happiness and your happiness with this team.

But then you have the Giants having this playoff loss, which is the last game of the season.

And you have this other team, this team that you know is just struggling, and yet they’re playing this great game.

So that’s a big difference.

And that’s also, I don, I, I’ve never really cared about the Giants as much.

So, you, you don’t, you get, you think they won, but you’re so happy for them.

But you know the Giants don’t care.

They’re just trying to play this great football game, and in this game, they win.

They win.

So I guess that’s, that’s how I look at this, that is a big reason for why I don

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