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How the world’s most valuable diamond, the world record holder of the ‘Bolivia diamond’, has changed its name – and the price of it

How the world’s most valuable diamond, the world record holder of the ‘Bolivia diamond’, has changed its name – and the price of it

The world’s biggest diamond, worth $10bn, has been changed to “Bolivian Bolivian” in a ceremony that marks its official renaming to mark the country’s independence from Britain.

The Bolivians are the world leaders in the production of diamonds, but its value has been affected by the economic turmoil that began with the global financial crisis of 2008.

“We have a lot of demand for diamonds and the demand for the Bolivarian Diamond Corporation has gone up by 30 percent in the last three years, but at the same time the demand has also gone down,” said Jairo Pacheco, chairman of the Bolivia diamond cartel.

The country’s new name was announced at a ceremony on Friday at the city of Guayana, where the Bolivan diamond is being cut.

“The Bolivia Diamond Corporation is a very big company.

It is one of the largest diamond companies in the world, and they have been in this business for nearly a century.

This is a new day,” Pachecos brother, Guayano Pacheca, told AFP news agency.”

It is a sign that the Bolives are now independent, but also that the diamonds are now being valued as a commodity,” he said.

The new name is “BOLIVIA”, but the new price for the precious stone is being calculated on the basis of a new price index which is being put in place.

The diamond has been named after the country of the same name, which became independent from Spain in 1958 and has become the world leader in the manufacture of diamond.

The change is a rare occurrence, and there are currently no official records of the name change, said Luis Martín, the director of the National Institute of Statistics of Bolivia.

It is also one of several such changes that are made to the official title of a country, Martín said.

It was the only country in Latin America where the name of the state was not officially changed to reflect the change.

It’s not the first time the price for a diamond has risen or fallen for the same reason.

In the 1990s, the price fell to around $1m after the Soviet Union collapsed, then rose to $3.4m in 2012.

The price of a single carat rose from $1,800 in 1994 to $5,000 in 2013.

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