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What happens when you get to a train station and then get to the station and it’s empty?

What happens when you get to a train station and then get to the station and it’s empty?

This morning I had to leave work early to get to work. 

I was on a long day of work, and was in a hurry to get back home. 

As I got onto the platform, I noticed that the station was empty. 

It took me a minute to realise that it wasn’t empty.

After being on the platform for a few minutes, I realised that there was an empty ticket window. 

And there it was, the ticket window for the train station I was waiting at. 

The station was not empty.

I was not going to be late for work.

I had missed work for a long time, and had spent a lot of money to get here. 

My boss had called my boss, and told him that I was late. 

So he asked me what was wrong. 

He told me to call him immediately. 


You didn’t call me. 

You missed the train?” 

“Oh yeah, I missed the station.” 

“Did you call the train operator?” 

I asked. 

 “I haven’t got my ticket yet, but I am sure I will call him in the morning.” So I did. 

There was no reply. 

That was when I realised what was happening. 

What I had missed had been missed. 

In the last 24 hours, I had been on the train to work, had left work early, and then missed my train. 

This morning, I went to work early and then got home and spent a bit of money getting home, to be sure I had all the tickets I needed to be on time for my shift. 

But when I got on the Train Station platform, there was no ticket window at all. 

No signage was there. 

A few people in the queue were asking questions. 

They were looking at the window.

And I didn’t hear a word from them. 

When I was sitting in the Waiting Room, I sat down in front of a sign that read: The Waiting Room for this day. 

All I heard was “We are sorry”. 

But I didn, because I was too busy thinking. 

Now that I am on the trains, I will try to be a little more deliberate about where I go and when I get there.

It is important to try and make sure that you know exactly where you are when you board the train.

But as long as there is no sign saying you are at the station, you can just go along the train line, and when you are there, you are in the station.

There is no real way to know when you have missed the next train.

There is only one way to find out, and that is to call the station operator.

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