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Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders on ‘shaky’ season: ‘It was a little bit shaky’

Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders on ‘shaky’ season: ‘It was a little bit shaky’

Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has been criticized for his performance during the team’s tumultuous season.

After leading the team in receptions with 16 in 2016, Sanders was benched and replaced by Demaryius Thomas in the second half of the season.

Sanders said on Monday that the team has been a better team since the departure of Thomas.

“I’ve been playing better, I’ve been taking better care of my body, I feel better,” Sanders said.

“And I’m still learning the playbook and getting better at it.

I feel like I’ve come a long way.”

The Broncos have gone from one of the worst defenses in football to one of its best, and Sanders was asked about the team not winning games at a high level.

“There’s definitely been some ups and downs,” Sanders replied.

“It was certainly a rocky year.

There was some struggles in the first half of this year, but I think the way that we played last year has been really good.

And I think it’s a great team.

We have a lot of young guys that want to do well, want to compete and want to win.”

Sanders said the Broncos are “still trying to figure out the game plan and how we’re going to run it.

We’ll probably be a little more aggressive in the fourth quarter, so we’ll see.”

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