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Vikings fans on social media sharing stories of violence – News 6 Minnesota

Vikings fans on social media sharing stories of violence – News 6 Minnesota

A lot of Vikings fans have shared stories of harassment, intimidation and bullying from their opponents over the past two weeks.

Here are some of the more popular posts: “I got in a fight with a guy who came to the game to get a drink.

When I got to the locker room I was asked to leave.

When we got into the game he got into my helmet and threw me to the ground and then tried to kick me.”

“I was called a racial slur a couple of times and I was told to shut up.

They also told me to get my hat back and I said I didn’t care what they said.

I was punched in the head and a guy in my group told me I was a pussy.

They even kicked me in the face.

This guy told me it’s my right to wear a hat and the other guy told him it’s mine to do.”

“He took my jersey and threw it down the street.

I thought that was the end of it.”

“One of my teammates got mad at me after a game and threw a bottle at me.

I told him I was not going to give up my jersey.

He threw it right back at me and then the guy punched me in my face.

I had bruises all over my face and my eyes.

I just wanted to go home.”

“A couple of my friends got a lot of racist tweets and they were saying the N-word and stuff like that.

I can’t tell you how many times I was harassed and threatened for wearing my team colors.”

“Some of my favorite teams, the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions, got into a fight and the players were fighting each other.

A few of my Vikings teammates got in the middle of it and they started fighting and it got really ugly.

I’m sure some of my Lions teammates were yelling racist things at one of the guys that got involved.”

“It was like a family game and a bunch of us went out to a bar and got drunk and some of us started getting into fights.

It got really bad and I think that the players started to disrespect the other team because they didn’t want to fight with the Vikings.

They weren’t taking their helmets off and they weren’t showing up to work.”

“Someone said something like, ‘You don’t know how bad things got.

You just lost to the Lions.'”

“I know I was getting called a n***** all the time for my color and my hair.

It’s hard to be a Vikings fan.”

“When I went to a game, I was at a bar with a group of my team and the guy next to me started throwing things at me.”

There are even a few who said the Vikings’ offense did nothing to help the situation.

“I have been getting racist and homophobic comments all year long.

I got called a white n***** and told that I’m not white, that I should go home and be a different person and I got a racist message the first day of the season.

I have had a lot more hate and harassment since then.”

“My wife and I have been harassed a lot.

It doesn’t even bother me anymore.

I hate that people are so disrespectful to me.”

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