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How to avoid being a target for your employer’s anti-union campaign

How to avoid being a target for your employer’s anti-union campaign

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AUSTRALIA: The Government is targeting Australia’s biggest mining companies with a new online tool designed to discourage workers from engaging in industrial action.

In a major shift, the Government is now forcing companies to post notices on their website warning workers against taking industrial action and encouraging them to use the tool.

The notices, which have been updated to include details about the workplace actions that are being taken, include instructions for employers to use their existing tools to identify workers who may be participating in industrial disputes.

This is an important step towards ensuring that companies do not engage in any illegal actions on their own.

For the past 12 months, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been asking companies to put notices on its websites that provide an indication of workplace actions taken by employees in relation to their employment rights.

These notices include information about the specific workplace actions being taken by an employee.

They also list specific information about how to access the information, including the name of the person who received the notice, the specific type of information, and the name and address of the employee.

The notice also lists the dates and times when these actions occurred.

If the information is available, employers will be able to track the number of employees who have taken a particular action, the type of action, and when it occurred.

The Australian Competition Commission’s enforcement toolkit includes a range of tools, including an online tool that provides information about a specific type and frequency of workplace action, as well as an interactive tool that allows employers to see information about specific types of workplace and other activities.

A company’s notice may also contain a link to a notice board that allows employees to access information about actions taken, including their employer’s notice, and can also include a link that allows individuals to access more information.

These tools are designed to help employers understand their obligations to the public and to avoid taking illegal actions.

The new tools will help employers make better decisions about how they communicate with employees about their workplace rights.

The changes are a response to the ongoing dispute over the $11 billion-a-year mining industry.

The Government’s notice to companies follows a series of actions taken over the past year by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which has sought to deter employees from taking industrial actions.

It also follows a landmark case last month in the Supreme Court in Australia’s Northern Territory, where the Government struck down a section of the Fair Work Act, saying that employers should not require workers to use workplace dispute resolution (SCR) to resolve disputes, as was the case in the Northern Territory.

The government’s actions come as the mining sector faces another major challenge to its profits from falling commodity prices.

The Federal Government announced this week that it will be launching a comprehensive review of its industrial relations policy.

This includes the establishment of a national industrial relations commissioner, a body that will have the power to investigate workplace disputes, including whether companies should be required to disclose their SCR procedures to workers.

The review will also include the establishment and enforcement of a code of conduct for all workers in the mining industry, as part of the Government’s national industrial strategy.

This policy review will examine how the Government can ensure that workers are treated fairly and fairly administered and operated.

SOURCE: ABC News, BusinessNews, News Corp Australia, News Corporation, NewsCorp Australia Australia, Newspoll, Newspolls,News Corp, Australian Securities, ASIC, News Media, News Limited, News, Media, media,news, media-services source New Zealand: New Zealand’s mining industry is set to be hit with an unprecedented strike action, with workers on strike across the country. 

The mining industry has been locked in an escalating industrial dispute with its mining partners, and its leaders are now calling on workers to strike to protect the industry. 

It is understood that the strike action is the latest in a series over industrial disputes, which date back to the early 2000s.

The strike action has sparked concern amongst employers about the potential for further disruption in the sector, as it comes as the Government prepares to roll back some of the toughest rules on industrial action in the country and to introduce a new legislation that would make it more difficult for employers with 20 or more workers to get off the hook for unfair dismissal.

This latest strike action follows the first major strike action by workers in NZ in over three years in August, when a large group of workers staged a three-day walkout to protest the Government�s decision to scrap the Fair Pay Act.

New Zealand’s unions are also worried about the impact of a strike on their members.

A spokesperson for the NZ Labour Party said in a statement that the action is a clear attempt by employers to silence workers and take control of the workplace.

“There is a strong sense that there is a new era in New Zealand.

This new wave of industrial action is nothing short of a coup,

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