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Why do people hate us?

Why do people hate us?

What we know so far about hackers: 1.

They’re not just trying to hurt people.

They don’t just want to destroy something, they want to cause it.

They want to create chaos and break people’s hearts.


They hate us.

And we know that they do. 3.

They try to break the laws of the land.

We know that there are people out there who believe that they can break our laws, but they can’t.

We can’t do it, we can’t get away with it. 4.

They attack the most sacred places of the earth.

And they try to destroy the institutions of society.


They use the internet.

They do so with the purpose of destroying everything that stands between us and our planet.


They have the power to change our world.

And that means the world’s going to change.


They are using the internet to spread lies and disinformation.

They know it will be used against them, and we know it won’t be used by them.


They seek to spread the spread of false news.

They say it’s all about the truth, but that’s a lie.

We have the truth.


They engage in cyberbullying.

It is illegal in every state, in every country.

They get their message across by using the most aggressive methods of cyberbulling.


They can attack us.

They see us, they know us.

We are not going to let them.


They pose a threat to our country.

And if they succeed, they will try to take our country back from us. 12.

They destroy our privacy.

We do not have a choice.

We must do something.

We will fight back.


They threaten to harm us.

If we don’t fight back, they may harm us again.


They attempt to steal our secrets.

We protect our secrets by making sure they don’t have access to them.


They violate our privacy by interfering with our ability to use the Internet.

They take our data and put it in their own servers.


They misuse the internet, and the internet is their playground.

They exploit our vulnerabilities to harm our economy.


They break our trust.

They create a false sense of security and weaken our ability for our government to function.


They compromise our national security.

We should be prepared for this threat to come to our shores.


They put a price on our freedoms.

They steal our freedoms from us by spying on our friends and family.


They abuse our technology.

They hack our businesses, and they put our personal information at risk by putting our personal data at risk.


They cheat.

They breach our systems.

They disrupt our networks, steal our sensitive information, and break our security protocols.


They hurt us financially.

They manipulate the market.

They cause financial losses for people and businesses.


They prey on our emotions.

They make us feel guilty, guilty about what they have done, and it’s our fault.


They spread misinformation.

They intentionally spread misinformation about us and other people.


They harm our families and friends.

They treat us badly.


They incite hate.

They act in a way that is harmful to our society.

They insult our culture, our values, and our history.


They damage our democracy.

They weaken our institutions of government.

They undermine our civil liberties.


They divide us.

They use misinformation and lies to divide us into hostile camps and communities.

We need to work together.


They target our families.

They slander our children.

They lie about our faith and beliefs.

They falsely accuse us of being criminals.

They vilify our mothers.


They deceive our neighbors.

They mislead our children and friends into believing that we are evil.

They encourage hatred, distrust, and mistrust of our neighbors and communities who disagree with them.


They intimidate our communities.

They hide behind masks.

They pretend to be harmless and innocent when they are really violent.

They tell lies about how to infiltrate and sabotage our institutions.


They misdirect our attention to ourselves.

They distract us from the real threats facing us. 33.

They control our media.

They distort our news.

We cannot let them control our news without destroying our freedoms and democracy.


They harass our families, businesses, friends, and loved ones.

They call them names, threaten them, stalk them, threaten to commit suicide.

They may even threaten to physically harm our loved ones or our children if they disagree with what they are doing.


They corrupt our elections.

They rig the system to favor their candidates.

They disenfranchise our vote.

They will use our votes to support their own political interests.


They discredit and abuse our religion.

They promote lies about what religion is.

They ridicule the truth about God.

They demonize all religions.

They discriminate against people based on their religion.


They ignore

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