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What is Donald Trump’s true value as a businessman?

What is Donald Trump’s true value as a businessman?

A new book published by the Washington Post on Tuesday claims that Trump, a real estate developer and businessman, has “a net worth of over $3 billion” and is worth over $1 trillion.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the book, Billionaires in Trumpland, is the first attempt to estimate the value of Trump’s business empire.

The Free Beacon says that the book was compiled from financial documents and financial reports Trump has submitted to the Federal Election Commission.

The Free Beacon notes that the records include the names of Trump associates and contractors.

The records show that Trump has also paid out more than $4 billion to the government, including $2.8 billion to settle fraud lawsuits and $2 billion in payments for his personal legal defense.

The Trump Foundation, which was founded by Trump in 1996, has paid out $15.3 million in charitable donations to the foundation.

According a statement from the Trump campaign, Trump was born in 1946 and began building his empire in the 1950s.

It says that Trump and his wife, Marla Maples, have donated more than 20 million dollars to charity since they began building Trump properties.

The book is the latest attempt to quantify the value Trump’s businesses have earned.

Trump has said that he believes his companies are worth “thousands of times” what they are worth today.

The book claims that he’s worth $7.9 billion, which is “much more than what he made from golf and his casinos.”

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